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Cashing House provides a variety of vital services. San Diego customers who prefer to manage their money on a simple basis. We offer Check Cashing, Payday Loans, Money Orders, Money Transfer via Moneygram,  Notary Public Services,  Mailbox Rental, Vehicle Title Loans, Cash for Gold and much more! The quality of service we provide to our customers is remembered long after the minimal cost to cash a check has been forgotten.

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Payday Loans | Check Cashing:

  • Check Cashing on the spot and get your cash immediately.
  • Make a last minute utility payment and avoid shut off.
  • Make a last minute car or mortgage payment and avoid late fees.
  • Money Transfer via MoneyGram to your loved ones anywhere in the world.
  • Short term Payday Loans to avoid expensive overdraft fees.
  • Additional services Notary Public Services , postage, and Mailbox rental.
  • Get funded fast  San Diego Payday Loans, Check Cashing

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Payday Loans Cash

San Diego Payday Loans are small, short-term Payday Advance Loans designed to help people who are short on cash between Paycheck. Also known as "Payday Cash Advance" are secured against your next payday, so they can be thought of as an early payment so that you can receive cash now.

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San Diego Check Cashing Store

San Diego Check Cashing. Get Cash Fast! We cash all types of checks at competitive rates. Just bring your check and a photo ID and we will cash your check fast! Why wait when you can receive your money now? Convinient San Diego Check Cashing, Location 6956 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115.

Check Cashing  with Low Rates!

Currency Exchange

We specialize in selling and buying foreign currency. We offer professional and reliable services to all of our customers and guarantee competitive and better than bank rates. We currently exchange Pesos and Euros. Also send money via MoneyGram to Mexico or anywhere in the World. Money Orders are available.